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Overnight Camp

Camp offers overnight care with daycare included in a safe, clean, stress-free, fun environment. Your dog returns home happy, healthy and refreshed. All campers receive complete care.

Overnight campers must attend daycare at least THREE times prior to their overnight stay to ensure compatibility, to meet some of their future playmates and caretakers, and to have all of their families' questions answered.

The camp's capacity is maintained at a level which allows us to provide personalized care and attention to each camper.

Older guests often accompany staff members in reception and nap at will in their beds. Please book as far in advance as possible.


Our camp has large inside bunks on raised wood floors (not cement) with 2 blankets each, dog cots, assorted toys and regular treats. The design allows each camper to see all of his buddies. All pens are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily. Rooms are heated and air-conditioned, have classical music and night lights. Campers are welcome to bring their own favorite pillow and/or toy from home.

The outside play yards are sandy and are over 100 feet long. Each play yard has water buckets, wading pools, rain/shade huts, a variety of obstacles for playing tag and an assortment of toys. We have large indoor playrooms for inclement weather days. Older dogs can also spend their day accompanying us in the grooming room or napping. All campers are carefully monitored for exercise level, buddy preferences and compatibility. Karen lives on the premises and provides consistent supervision. All pens and play yards are cleaned several times daily. All food and water bowls are washed twice daily. All blankets and pillows are laundered regularly.

All dogs are let out for a “potty break” at approximately 9:30 pm (we call it night-night!!). Then the beds are fluffed, water bowls are freshened and everybody gets bedtime cookies - dogs with food sensitivities may bring their own.


We feel very strongly about each camper having his/her own regular “at home” diet. That is why we ask that each camper bring his/her own food. We provide treats, bowls, blankets, cots, toys and bedtime cookies.


The following rules were established with the health and safety of our campers in mind. Please be respectful of them.

  • All dogs must be on a leash in the driveway and reception area.
  • All dogs will be checked for fleas upon arrival. If fleas are found, a flea bath will be given and an appropriate fee will be applied to your invoice.
  • All dogs' owners MUST provide a current veterinarian's certificate for vaccinations including Rabies and DHP. Canine cough is recommended.
  • Any medications necessary for your dog must accompany him/her to camp. No charge for administering, but please provide any pill pockets or other incentives to help us help the medicine go down.
  • Full payment by cash, check or credit card is required upon check out.


7:00 AM Up and Out!
7:30 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Out to play!
9:30-11:30 AM "Ham It Up" candid picture time
12:00 PM Lunch and nap
12:45 PM More playtime
2:00-4:00 PM Smile for more pictures

Playtime activities includes but are not limited to:

  • Tag
  • Ball Catch
  • Tug of War
  • Wading
  • Digging
  • Welcoming and playing with daycare buddies
4:00 PM In to rest before dinner
5:00 PM Dinner
6:00 PM Relax
9:00 PM Out for potty time (night-night!!)
9:30 PM Bedtime snack and Sweet Dreams!!

Complimentary ear cleaning and nail clipping is included in a 3 or more night stay!


Our unique canine camp is in great demand. We suggest booking your dog's stay as far in advance as possible. If you need to cancel a reservation, PLEASE contact us as soon as possible. There may be another camper on the waiting list that will appreciate the courtesy.


The cost is $45.00 per night for one dog, each additional dog is $43.00.


Check-Out is Monday through Friday 7am through 6pm

We ask that WEEKDAY Check-ins be dropped off by 5pm at the latest

Weekends and Holidays Check-In & Out - at 9am or 5pm only


Have your Veterinarian FAX or email your dog inoculation records to 603-483-8770

* All clients must sign a legal waiver in order to sign up with Pet-Agree, Inc.


Overnight Registration Form

Code of Conduct

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