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A very fun way to increase your dog's skills needed when out for a walk! Competing is not required.

The name "Rally Style Obedience" has been adopted for this concept of training and competition because of the use of direction signs to guide the handler throughout the performance in a manner somewhat similar to the sport of Rally Car Racing. Rally-O is a nickname for the sport. The directional signs are numbered and arranged sequentially in the form of a course with a variety of turns to contain it within the boundaries of the ring, with a start and finish line.

The team of dog and handler heel from sign to sign, and perform the exercises indicated by the sign at each location. Each directional sign, or exercise sign as they are more commonly called, is composed of a code name for one of the Rally-O exercises. Except for giving the handler clearance to begin the performance, the judge gives no further orders or directions as the handler directs the team through the course.

The construction or design of the course, in all probability, may vary from trial to trial in several aspects. The selection of exercises used in a course design, the sequence in which the exercises are arranged, and the path or outline of the course that the team is directed to follow throughout the performance may vary with the creativity of the course designer; at Rally-O trials, the courses are designed by the judge. However, the exceptional feature of Rally-O is the allowance of handlers to communicate with their dogs, both verbally and with hand signals at any time and as often as desired , throughout the performance. This may be in the form of praise or various types of commands to aid the dog in performing the exercises.


$120.00 Our Rally-O Course is offered to dogs and their handlers who have successfully completed the Basic II Course. Great fun!!

To enroll in this course:

Complete the Registration Form and sign the Waiver.
Mail the completed forms along with your check made payable to:

Pet-Agree, Inc.
12 Donovan Rd
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To pay by credit card call Pet-Agree, Inc at 603-483-8775

Have your Veterinarian FAX your dog inoculation records to 603-483-8770

Please call Pet-Agree, Inc at 603-483-8775 for all course schedules.

* All clients must sign a legal waiver in order to sign up with Pet-Agree, Inc.


Rally-O Registration

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