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Social Skills

**Masks are optional in the building, but please be mindful of COVID-19.**

Pet-Agree, Inc. Canine Training courses are designed to teach you to teach your own dog in a positive manner. The training techniques focus on clear communication and praise to build a more rewarding relationship between you and your dog and in this course – other people and dogs! We have a high success rate to help you and your dog gain confidence and appropriate responses.

During this six week course, a series of basic commands with instruction on how to incorporate them into fostering appropriate social behaviors will be covered. Techniques for behavior modification to address unwanted behavior are a main component of the course. Some of the foundation commands include “SIT”, "SIT STAY", "COME", "FIND IT", “TOUCH”, "LOOSE LEASH WALKING” (walking without pulling on the leash), “Move Toward Me” and of course “Good boy/girl” or your cue word for positive responses!

We will hone your crucial skills to become more attentive to your dog’s body language and provide weekly worksheets to help you monitor your progress. A booklet of calming signals visual aids will by provided to each participant at the start of the course*. The book, On Talking Terms with Dogs by Turid Rugaas is required reading and is included in the course fee.

This specialized course is offered only to individuals and their dogs that we have “hand-picked” both for their readiness to participate and their expected compatibility. The number of students in this course is very limited to ensure optimum instruction for each student, so advance registration is required. Our staff will call you to confirm enrollment in the course. If you do not receive a confirmation call, please call us!

The course fee is $175.00.

To enroll in this course:

Complete the Registration Form and sign the Waiver.
Mail the completed forms along with your check made payable to:

Pet-Agree, Inc.
12 Donovan Rd
Candia NH 03034


To pay by credit card call Pet-Agree, Inc at 603-483-8775

Have your Veterinarian FAX or email your dog inoculation records to 603-483-8770

Please call Pet-Agree, Inc at 603-483-8775 for all course schedules.

* All clients must sign a legal waiver in order to sign up with Pet-Agree, Inc.


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